İzabel Tekstil


As Izabel Tekstil, which we have been serving since 2014, we are rapidly heading for becoming the leading company in the sector. We offer all the products that we have designed with customer satisfaction in mind, fast, qualified, and low priced. We supply our state-of-the-art machinery-produced designs to domestic and international markets.We've been at your service for years as a firm that sets out with the goal of providing quality at a fair price, follows a competitive strategy, and prioritizes the development of both its employees and itself.



İzabel Tekstil



We design for you. We interpret all the designs you have dreamed of in the fashion industry, almost like a fashionista, and create special designs that go beyond your expectations.



All of the machines we operate at every stage of the design process are state-of-the-art. So, we are able to present all of our goods to you as quickly as possible.

İzabel Tekstil
İzabel Tekstil


Quality Control

All of your productions are under the guarantee of our quality assurance team.We, who are always striving to provide you with the finest, put our productions through rigorous testing before presenting them to you.


İzabel Tekstil

Social Responsibility

We prioritize environmental awareness and human health by producing human and nature-friendly products. We do not include wastes and chemicals that are harmful to humans and the environment in any of our productions.

İzabel Tekstil

Reuse Reduce Recycle

We support sustainable life. Because it is our duty to leave a livable world to the next generations.As a result, we do not squander any of the energy resources we consume in our manufacturing process, and we protect the environment by using recyclable materials.